Sales orders for grown-ups

Fiddle allows you to create sales orders instantly.


Generate in seconds

Create the sales orders of the future in a flash. Sales orders of the future. Add customers, add assignments, and choose a date to ensure your customers are happy. And best of all, your sales orders are stored in the cloud — so you can rest easy knowing you can access them from anywhere.


See the big picture

Each order tracks every item used to build the sale. Track each item effortlessly,and see what you’re missing. Stop tracking on spreadsheets and hoping you haven’t missed anything.. Start today with Fiddle.

More focus, more visibility — get more done

Get a unified view of your orders with a drag-and-drop workflow, simple customization, and actionable features. This ain’t your run-of-the-mill pipeline view!

Always stay up-to-date and ready for action

Use Fiddle’s work notifications to keep your pipeline view updated.

Better production planning and team alignment

Quickly view what you have in stock, how much you need to order, and when you need it by.

Simple, intuitive, and actually “easy to use” (gasp!)

Update the order, your team, and even your customer by dragging from one stage to another.

Customize to match your process

Your process is unique to your company. Manage your orders the way it makes sense for your team.

Instantly transform incoming orders into an action-oriented pipeline view

Discover why Fiddle is the fastest and most intuitive way to manage the process from new order to shipped.

Get a battle-tested workflow

We’ve helped many customers just like you optimize their processes.

Minimize data entry

Spend more time on the things that matter. “Wow” and delight customers. Let’s get off the spreadsheet merry-go-round!

Keep your team in the loop

Stop with the endless production meetings. At a glance, your team members can stay on top of their responsibilities.

Increase focus and productivity

Take the friction out of the production process.

Inventory made simple. Start for free.