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“We chose Fiddle because of the ease of use. We view Fiddle as a Trusted Partner, and highly endorse them.”

Gary Thornton, Operations Manager

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Real-time inventory, tracked and accounted for

Grow your business, while we keep track of your stuff. Fiddle allows you to see all of your inventory in one easy-to-access space. Your inventory updates in real time, so you will always have an updated snapshot of your items.

Simple and practical

Perfect purchase orders, all in the cloud

Getting your suppliers on board is a simple as sending an email. Getting them in the app is as simple as clicking a button. Every piece of Fiddle streamlines your communication in one easy-to-use space. Make your lead time lightning fast.

Flexible and versatile

Sales orders in a modern world

No more separate emails, phone calls, and text messages — all to get a sales order started. Say goodbye to the spreadsheets and emails, and hello to an all-inclusive solution.

Visual and easy

Visualize your work orders to help your team succeed

Stress-free work orders for each member of your team. Visualize all of your parts, then plan and allocate based on current inventory.

Easy, intuitive, and free

Get started for free

We grow with you

Track progress at a glance

Intuitive tools grow with you as you grow. Start free and grow into all of our advanced features. Turn them on and off as needed.

Part and Lot Number
Transfers and Cycle Counts
Low Stock Alerts
Multi-Locations and Channel Sync
Cost Pricing and Quotes
Receive and Purchase Planning

Streamline production and ensure accurate inventory.

Inventory made simple. Start for free.