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Clean, smooth, and easy.

Start in a flash

Create new inventory items in seconds
It only takes a few seconds to create your first item. Fiddle allows you to choose from multiple inventory types, create unique names, autogenerate part numbers, designate statuses, use any unit of measure, and add descriptions.
Add inventory types
Organize your inventory by creating different inventory types. We provide common types by default, including Finished good, Raw material, and Packaging materials. Of course, you can add your own as well — prefixes are optional.
And much more
Other features include measurement units, images, document upload, preferred suppliers, inventory lots, and detailed transaction history. We've got you covered.

See the big picture

Fiddle allows you to see all of your inventory in one easy-to-access space. Your inventory updates in real time, so you will always have an updated snapshot of your items.


Track lot numbers

Need lot numbers? No problem. With Fiddle, it's a snap to autogenerate lot numbers. Of course, you can always add your own. This is especially useful when it comes to food safety and traceability.

Transaction history

All transactions are recorded in an easy-to-read and transparent log. This gives you an all-access view into every inventory transaction so you'll always know:

  • What happened (Shipment - 500 units shipped)
  • When it happened (01/14/2020)
  • Who did it (Jim Bob)

Autopilot: Reorder points

Don't run out. Set your inventory on autopilot through Fiddle's reorder points, and receive email alerts the moment inventory hits your predefined settings.


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